Katie Hopkins ridicules Fat

Katie Hopkins ridicules Fat

Columnist becomes the UK's most hated woman through TV experiment

British columnist Katie Hopkins is currently causing controversy and debate across the UK. The reason: The controversial British woman had carried out a questionable self-experiment to prove that fat people are responsible for their overweight themselves. Phrases like "You can't be fat and happy" had upset thousands of people and made her the title of "Britain's Most Hated Woman".

20 kilos increase in just three months "Obese people are bankrupting our health care system." "Fat people should pay for being so fat." With sentences like these, columnist Katie Hopkins made her unpopular with thousands of British people and made her the "most hated woman in the UK". The background: Hopkins had carried out a daring experiment in her TV documentary "My Fat Story", by doing it in a very short time First gained a lot in order to then get rid of the excess pounds in the same period. As the documentary broadcast by TLC in January shows, the 39-year-old had initially gained 20 kilograms - which was equivalent to 30% of her original weight Only three months to go, the British hosted a real “food orgy”, where she ate lots of fast food, sweets, cakes and chips, instead of the normal 2000 she got 6500 calories a day - but without moving any more , instead she spent the day primarily sitting.

Fat people only need "kick in the butt" In the second part of her self-experiment, Hopkins lost the 20 kilos again in the same period - with a questionable goal: Because, as she explained in an interview with the broadcaster CNN, she wanted to show that fat is for their overweight are responsible themselves. "We have tolerated excuses far too long why people are fat," said the columnist. "The institutions always offer excuses, but what fat people need is a kick in the A ...", the British continued to "The Telegraph". A daring thesis that enrages many - and divides the camp. Regardless of your own Opinion, Hopkins is definitely addressing an explosive topic in her home country with her self-experiment, because one in four is considered obese in Great Britain.

Obesity can have a variety of reasons As Hopkins documented in "My Fat Story", she allegedly lost the 20 excess pounds without having to do it without a personal trainer or gym, but instead simply by moving more and eating less. While this was for the British proved that losing weight was “child's play”, this point caused heated discussions among the critics, because what the controversial woman did not take into account was that obesity can have various reasons, such as metabolic or hormonal disorders, stress or a previous pregnancy Accordingly, the simple form of "eat less = less weight" would not lead to weight loss in any case, but for Hopkins no reason to change her mind: "I say the things that people think but don't say", the British told the "Telegraph". (no)

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