Hay fever: first hazelnut pests plague allergy sufferers

Hay fever: first hazelnut pests plague allergy sufferers

Hay fever: first hazelnut pests plague allergy sufferers

For the third time in a row, a mild winter ensures that the first hazelnut pollen flies very early again. The suffering for pollen allergy sufferers will be longer this year than in the past. There are various treatment approaches for pollen allergy and hay fever.

Pollen flies very early due to mild winter For many pollen allergy sufferers, the time of suffering has started again - exceptionally early for the third year in a row. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, the first hazel pollen is already flying because of the mild temperatures of up to 15 degrees. "The season starts very early this time, but this was almost to be expected due to the mild weather of the past few weeks," said a DWD spokesman, according to a message from the dpa news agency. The weather service therefore switched its pollen forecast online. According to the DWD, about 15 percent of Germans show more or less strong reactions to pollen pollution.

Different treatment options As a result, unpleasant hay fever symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny nose and sometimes coughing occur. The annoying complaints can also pass to the bronchi and lead to the development of an allergic asthma. Those affected should therefore use existing treatment options. Many allergy sufferers trust the so-called hyposensitization, in which the allergic reaction is to be completely overcome by regular contact with the allergens. In naturopathy, methods such as acupuncture, homeopathics, Schuessler salts, autologous blood therapy, Bach flower therapy and hypnosis are used to eliminate hay fever or to alleviate the symptoms. (ad)

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