Recall: Glass fragments found in "Chio Dip"

Recall: Glass fragments found in

Recall: Glass fragments found in "Chio Dip"

The snack manufacturer "Intersnack" is recalling two dip varieties of the "Chio" brand. Glass fragments were found in some of the glasses. The recall is a precaution.

Glass fragments in two types of dip The snack manufacturer "Intersnack" recalled glasses of the "Chio" brand after finding glass fragments in two types of dip. According to a message from the dpa news agency, the recall applies to the products "Chio Dip - Hot Cheese" and "Chio Dip - Mild Salsa". As the manufacturer announced on Tuesday in Cologne, four batch numbers are affected, which can be found on the edge of the lid. If you find the numbers L08.06.2015, L10.06.2015 or L15.06.2016 and L20.04.2016 on the glasses, you should bring the dips back to the shops.

Impurities and foreign bodies in food Splinters were discovered in some glasses. The recall is "a precaution". Food that could contain broken glass should no longer be consumed. Broken glass and broken glass can cause serious injuries to the mouth and throat as well as internal injuries. In food products, impurities or foreign bodies can occur again and again due to defects in the manufacturing processes. It was recently reported under the headline: "Recall: aluminum in Zimbo sausage and beer ham" that aluminum parts could be contained in the affected food. (ad)

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