Live longer with fiber

Live longer with fiber

Dietary fiber extends life

According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), dietary fiber performs important functions in the digestive tract and has a positive effect on the metabolism. They carry the name because fiber is not digested by the body's enzymes and therefore passes through the digestive tract as a kind of ballast. A recent study by Chinese researchers has now shown that a high fiber content in daily food intake goes hand in hand with a significantly longer life expectancy.

Dietary fiber has numerous positive health effects and has a preventive effect on diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer. The conclusion was obvious that dietary fiber also has a positive effect on all-cause mortality. So far, according to the research team led by Professor Yong-Bing Xiang from the Shanghai Cancer Institute, there have been no reliable studies in this regard. They have now published the results of a meta-analysis in the specialist journal "American Journal of Epidemiology", which states that life expectancy increases with increased fiber intake.

At least 30 grams of fiber per day The current meta-analysis is based on seventeen previous studies with a total of 982,411 participants and 67,260 deaths. For every ten grams of increased fiber intake per day, the relative death probability was reduced by ten percent among the study participants, the researchers report. The researchers believe that the current study clearly demonstrates the positive effect of dietary fiber on all-cause mortality. The daily food intake should therefore contain the highest possible fiber content. The DGE calls “at least 30 grams of fiber for adults as a guideline for the daily intake.” According to the German Nutrition Society, a lot of fiber is “found in whole grains, vegetables, potatoes, legumes and fruit.” Their proportion should be correspondingly high of daily food intake. (fp)

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