Sex up to 90 is very normal

Sex up to 90 is very normal

Men: Sexuality in old age is not too strenuous
Sexuality also plays an important role in old age - even if only a few talk about it. Indeed, age sexuality is not an unusual or astonishing thing, but something quite normal. International studies show that men between the ages of 70 and 90 regularly practice sex in some form. Fear of physical overexertion is not necessary - this is what Uro-GmbH Nordrhein, a network of doctors from North Rhine-Westphalia, points out.

The level of the sex hormone testosterone drops in men from around 40 years of age. The tissue of the penis is also losing elasticity. "Physical changes mean that erections often develop more slowly and less spontaneously," explains urologist Dr. Reinhold Schaefer from Uro-GmbH. "Usually men need more physical stimulation to achieve an erection." In addition, the penis is not as stiff and the erection angle is smaller. The lower testosterone level also leads to a decrease in the feeling of pleasure. All of these are changes that are natural. "If necessary, a urologist can also prescribe medication, for example to increase the feeling of pleasure again," says Dr. Shepherd. In addition, the body is also more susceptible to diseases in old age. Some of them also affect sexuality. For example, diabetes can cause erection problems due to circulatory disorders or impaired nerve conductivity. Arteriosclerosis, also known colloquially as “vascular calcification”, causes circulatory disorders in the erectile tissue. Surgery in the pelvic area such as prostate or bowel surgery also has a negative impact on sexuality. Even medication for chronic diseases can impair sexual interest, arousal and the ability to experience. Switching to another preparation often helps, but should only be done after consulting the prescribing doctor.

"For men it is of primary importance to accept age changes first and to adapt sexual behavior to the changed conditions," explains Dr. "So sometimes it makes sense to try more comfortable positions for intercourse." Often the exchange of tenderness or masturbation is more important than the actual intercourse. In spite of all physical changes, Schaefer generally recommends an active love life in old age. Research shows that it appears that men who have been sexually active for a long time have a longer life expectancy. "Worries that sexuality is too strenuous in old age and that the heart can be overloaded are unfounded," says the urologist. "Sexual intercourse is no more strenuous than climbing stairs quickly." (Pm)

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