Important judgment on Bach flowers

Important judgment on Bach flowers

Important verdict on Bach flowers: No application with health statements

Bach flower products may not be advertised with health-related statements. The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Hamm finally ruled. This may also have an impact on your practice, which you should know.

The court had banned the advertising of a mail-order pharmacy because it advertised unspecific benefits for health well-being, which was not permitted in the case of Bach flowers.

The court in no way referred to a violation of the Therapeutic Products Act. The reference standard was rather the Health Claims Regulation (HCVO) of the European Union, which is binding for all EU member states. Since the Bach flowers were classified as food, no health-related statements may be made about them that are not permitted as so-called health claims and are listed in the HCVO - but which they are not with regard to Bach flowers.

BDH members can inquire about the effects of this judgment on your advertising with Bach flower therapy by inquiring to the legal office of the BDH with background information and guidelines. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the keyword "Bach flower therapy" and your BDH membership number. (pm)

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