Dangerous "easy-to-go liposuction"


Expert warns of careless cosmetic surgery

The media is currently reporting on a shocking death of a young Ecuadorian woman after liposuction. A sad individual case? No, says Dr. Miriam Koeller-Bratz, Head of Plastic Surgery Cologne on the Rhine. Infections, circulatory problems and cardiac arrhythmias are not uncommon. The expert warns against undergoing such an intervention without professional advice and only consulting a trained specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Because many so-called cosmetic surgeons have not properly learned the craft.

Liposuction, also called liposuction, is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery. The demand is enormously high because the intervention promises permanent results and can often be carried out on an outpatient basis. "Liposuction is associated with very little risk if you seek reasonable advice and consult a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. However, if you take this lightly, you are in serious danger - there are always reports of deaths, ”warns Dr. Miriam Koeller-Bratz, specialist for plastic surgery - known, among other things, from the RTL2 program "Extremely Beautiful!".

The risks range from infections, circulatory problems, bowel injuries to cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. The plastic surgeon advises caution, especially with extensive liposuction, in which large amounts of fat are extracted. “Extensive suction can put extreme strain on the heart. In addition, there are strong fluid and electrolyte shifts in the body that trigger circulatory problems. "

Today, liposuction is not only performed by experienced plastic surgeons, doctors from other specialist areas also offer liposuction. In weekend courses, doctors from various disciplines learn what, at first glance, can be learned quickly without knowing the intricacies of the procedure. Behind it is the lure of quick money, says Koeller-Bratz. The procedure is often only carried out under local anesthesia or twilight sleep, without ensuring subsequent medical monitoring.

“I strongly recommend surgery in a hospital, not in a private practice. The hygiene conditions in a practice are often standard and not highly sterile, like in a hospital. The risk of infection is particularly high here. In addition, an inpatient stay after extensive liposuction or, if there are circulatory problems, is highly advisable, ”says Koeller-Bratz. (pm)

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