Medicinal plant tea works against dry cough

Medicinal plant tea works against dry cough

Naturopathy: Tea from medicinal plants soothes the dry cough

Naturopathy keeps various tea blends from medicinal plants at hand to prevent dry cough, which can certainly avoid the use of tablets. On the one hand, the contained ingredients of the medicinal plants counteract the cough, on the other hand, the mucous membranes are moistened by the increased fluid intake, which also relieves the dry cough, according to the news agency "dpa", citing Wolfgang Hornberger from the German Professional Association of Ear, Nose and Throat Ear doctors in Neumünster.

According to the ear, nose and throat specialist, teas made from medicinal plants such as thyme and ivy are particularly helpful for dry coughs. These have an expectorant and antitussive effect. The thyme also has an antispasmodic effect and relaxes the bronchi, Hornberger explains to the news agency "dpa". Ribwort plantain, mallow, Icelandic moss and the root or leaves of marshmallow are suitable as further medicinal plants for tea blends against the dry cough.

Tea from medicinal plants doubly effective Although the herbal extracts are often available in the pharmacy in the form of pastilles, syrup, juice or drops, the tea offers the advantage that affected people consume more fluids and the mucous membranes are better moistened Hornberger. A combination of medicinal plant teas and extracts is therefore recommended. In addition, it is important to avoid smoking and cold air as much as possible. In addition, according to the expert, those affected should spare their voice. If you have a cough that lasts more than a week, accompanying pain or additional symptoms such as fever and sore throat or throat pain, Hornberger says you should see a doctor. This could determine whether, for example, acute bronchitis is the cause of the cough.

Other home remedies for cough In addition to tea blends, various wraps and pads are known in naturopathy as home remedies for cough. Furthermore, full baths with the addition of essential oils, as well as inhalations, can help relieve cough. Last but not least, onion syrup has proven itself as an alternative to the conventional cough substitute in naturopathy. (fp)

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