Bad smell of a technical breakdown: “No danger

Bad smell of a technical breakdown: “No danger

"No danger" after a technical fault in a Cologne refinery

A technical defect in a Cologne refinery has caused noise and odors. Some residents noticed the smell of rotten eggs. Dangerous pollutants that could endanger health were not released into the air.

Odor nuisance in Cologne According to a report by the dpa news agency, a technical defect in a refinery caused odor nuisance in the south of Cologne on Friday. According to a fire department spokesman, there was no danger to the population. As a precaution, the fire brigade carried out pollutant measurements as a precaution. The Shell Rhineland refinery had to shut down the production facilities after the defect in the Godorf plant. The existing residues were burned with special torches.

Tank with toxic chemical exploded last year. Flames and smoke were visible from far away, as the spokesman said. "As long as this is normal, there is no danger." Some citizens had noticed the smell of rotten eggs, but according to the fire brigade did not complain about it. At the Godorf plant, a tank with toxic chemicals exploded about a year ago. At that time, no people were harmed. But in November 2013, two workers were seriously injured in an explosion.

Accidents in chemical companies Despite all the precautionary measures that are prescribed by law for companies, there are always accidents in chemical companies. In a chemical accident in 2012 in a foam factory in Oestrich-Winkel in Hesse, the toxic chemical TDI escaped from a safety valve during a charging process. The gas cloud that formed as a result was bound by the fire brigade with water, but the substance apparently continued to react, which resulted in a deflagration. The chemical isocyanate, which is related to highly toxic hydrocyanic acid, was released. A substance that, according to experts, causes cough, shortness of breath, runny nose and eye irritation and can even be fatal in high concentrations. (ad)

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