China: Two people died of bird flu

China: Two people died of bird flu

H7N9: Two people died of bird flu

Two people in eastern China have died of bird flu. The two victims were infected with the H7N9 pathogen. This type of virus is not the same virus that has been detected several times in Europe, including Germany, in the past few months.

Two people died of H7N9 virus In eastern China, two people died of bird flu, according to the AFP news agency. According to the state news agency Xinhua, referring to local health officials, reported on Saturday that the two victims had died of the H7N9 virus in Fujian province. Fifteen cases of illness have been registered in the province since the beginning of the year. No information was given as to when the two patients died.

Other cases reported from other provinces On Friday, a human infection was reported in neighboring Jiangxi province, according to Xinhua. Cases have also been reported "this winter" in Shanghai and Zhejiang province. In China, 310 bird flu cases were officially registered by December 10, including 132 deaths. Another patient died in late December. Meanwhile, 22,000 birds have been slaughtered in Taiwan. These had been tested positive for the H5 virus.

Bird flu cases in Europe An H5 variant, namely the virus subtype H5N8, has appeared in several European countries, including Germany, since November last year. The Rostock Zoo, for example, recently had to close temporarily due to a bird flu case. Diseases of people who have been exposed to H5N8 have so far not been reported. With the H7N9 pathogen, to which the two people fell victim in China, typical bird flu symptoms such as fever, cough and sore throat are usually shown in the case of mild disease courses. In some cases, symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting also occur. If the course is severe, death threatens. (Ad)

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