Study: separation from iPhone causes stress

Study: separation from iPhone causes stress

Separation from the iPhone creates fear and stress

According to a new study, smartphone withdrawal creates stress for many people. In addition, there are often feelings of fear and discomfort. And the concentration performance also decreases. Follow-up studies should bring more clarity.

Smartphone users had to solve word search game A US study suggests that smartphone users can get stressed without their phone. For the study, scientists from the University of Missouri had 40 iPhone users solve a word search game while measuring their blood pressure. The researchers let the subjects believe that they were taking a test for a new blood pressure monitor. During the first round, the test participants were able to keep their smartphone with them.

Cell phones within hearing and visual range of the test subjects In the second round they had to hand in their devices, they were told that the phones caused signal interference. The cell phones were kept within the hearing and sight of the test subjects, but they had no access to them. The researchers called the participants while they were busy solving their task. So that the cell phone owners could hear the ringing of their phone, the scientists previously secretly muted the smartphone.

Heart rate and blood pressure increased As it turned out, participants without a phone increased their heart rate and blood pressure. They also suffered from anxiety and malaise. It was also found that the test subjects were able to solve the task much more poorly. According to the researchers, the reason for the reduced ability to concentrate is not the distraction caused by the call, but actually the “separation” from the iPhone. This could have a significant negative impact on the ability to pay attention during brain teasers.
Study not representative of the total population Since the subjects were exclusively women in their early 20s, the study was not representative of the total population. Follow-up studies are said to show whether other groups of people with devices other than iPhones also show similar effects. There was also no test run in which the participants were disconnected from their devices but were not called.

Pain caused by cellphone neck The number of young people who are particularly attached to their smartphones has already been emphasized in numerous studies. In addition, studies show that the frequent use of the phones not only make you addicted, it can also cause physical discomfort. For example, Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj of the New York Clinic for Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation in a study published in November 2014 dedicated to the so-called cell phone neck. Due to the incorrect posture with a lowered head, the spine and muscles have to carry many times more weight. The consequences of this can include severe tension, especially neck tension, headache and back pain. (ad)

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