Burning truck paralyzes Eurotunnel

Burning truck paralyzes Eurotunnel

Burning LKV in the Eurotunnel: those affected receive gas masks

The Euro tunnel between France and England runs 40 meters below the seabed under the English Channel. A burning truck brought traffic to a standstill in both tubes on Saturday. CO2 detectors had detected smoke and gas masks were given to those affected. High CO2 concentrations pose health risks.

All rail traffic in the Eurotunnel paralyzed A burning truck in the rail tunnel under the English Channel brought all train traffic to a standstill. As the news agency dpa reports, the train operating company Eurostar announced on Saturday that all trains had been ordered back to their home stations after CO2 detectors had detected smoke. In London, Paris and Brussels, hundreds of travelers waited in vain for their trains. In the British media, those affected reported how they were taken off the trains and equipped with gas masks. "We were taken to a concrete bunker," said one of the passengers.

No reports of injuries "A fire on a truck has closed both tunnels," said a police spokesman in Kent, UK. There are no reports of injuries. The incident occurred near the French coast. Passengers would have to be prepared for long waiting times because the defective vehicle had to be removed and the smoke directed out of the tunnel before being put back into service. The incident happened in the tube in which there are freight trains for trucks.

Harmful effects of CO2 A high concentration of CO2 can be dangerous for people. The harmful effect of CO2 is primarily in the displacement of oxygen. Outside, the CO2 concentration is about 0.04 percent. According to experts, at five percent CO2 concentration, people react with dizziness and headaches. At concentrations of eight to ten percent, shortness of breath, weakness and loss of consciousness occur, and death occurs after 30 to 60 minutes. A 20 percent CO2 concentration leads to immediate loss of consciousness and death after a few minutes. (ad)

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