Research: How does coffee protect against liver cancer?

Research: How does coffee protect against liver cancer?

Numerous studies show that people who drink a lot of coffee have a reduced risk of liver cancer compared to people who consume little or no. The reasons for this connection have not yet been clarified. Scientists have now found the first answers.

An international team of researchers has identified biomarkers in the blood of study participants that provide first indications of anti-inflammatory and cell-protecting mechanisms that could underlie the observed risk relationship between coffee consumption and liver cancer.

As the current study shows, people who consume more than 600 ml (4 cups) of coffee a day are 75% less likely to develop liver cancer than people who drink less than 300 ml (2 cups). This observation coincides with the results of numerous other studies in recent years.

What is new about the study is that the scientists also examined the influence of 21 liver-relevant biomarkers on the observed relationship by analyzing the blood samples from 125 people who developed liver cancer for the first time during the study, as well as those from 250 healthy study participants. The scientists took the blood samples at the start of the study, 2.4 to 6.8 years before the onset of liver cancer. The researchers found that three of the biomarkers investigated in particular play a major role in the risk relationship. These include the messenger substance interleukin-6, which is involved in the regulation of inflammatory reactions, and the two enzymes aspartate aminotransferase and gamma-glutamyltransferase, which indicate damage to the liver cells or biliary disorders. You can find the study here.

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