Sports medicine: The body falls silent without muscle training

Sports medicine: The body falls silent without muscle training

Muscles as a communication center: Why strength training is important for the body
Regular exercise can help to significantly reduce the risk of numerous illnesses. In addition, physical fitness keeps the heart and brain young. Strength training has become particularly popular in recent years. It is not primarily about the optical results that are achieved. The effects on our organ system are much more important, explains an expert.

Regular exercise is healthy
Exercise is healthy: Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. According to experts, regular sporting activity reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's and some types of cancer. More and more people are practicing their - often daily - training sessions, through which one can stay fit and healthy into old age. Strengthening the muscles plays a very important role here. With just a little more muscle power you can stay young and dynamic. An expert has interesting information on the topic.

Optical results in strength training are irrelevant
For years there has been a report on a booming fitness industry in Germany and other countries. While it used to be so-called "bodybuilders" who trained in the gym, today "normal" young and old people can be found there. However, the visual results that are achieved only play a pleasant secondary role in strength training. The effects on our organ system, such as Dr. Marco Toigo explained on the Swiss internet portal "". As part of his university research work, the expert is concerned with the mechanisms of muscle building and breaking down. In addition to his research work, he is a lecturer in muscle and sports physiology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH).

Muscles as a communication center
As Toigo explains, muscles perform many vital functions that are critical to our health. For example, they also function as a communication center in our body. In addition to muscle strength itself, chemical factors (so-called myokines) are also part of the means of communication. These hormone-like messenger substances are released by the muscle during the production of strength and reach the other target organs via the bloodstream, where they exert their effect. According to Toigo, muscles communicate with the brain, liver, pancreas, adipose tissue and bones, among others. The muscle is therefore a gland that, depending on its demands, sends out different signals to other body organs, which in turn rely on these muscle signals to maintain their natural function.

Complementary muscle training essential for health
As it goes on on "", the training not only supplies the muscles, but also practically all organ systems in the body with vital signals. According to the experts, this is, among other things, the causal explanation for why muscle training is healthy and why underuse of muscles can make you ill in the long term. The Internet portal writes that it becomes clear from these considerations that strength training as a supplement to the many other forms of training and sport is fundamental to our health. (ad)

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