Canine IQ test showed link between intelligence and health

Canine IQ test showed link between intelligence and health

Dog tests show a link between intelligence and health
Dog owners often think their dog is particularly smart. Certainly some dogs are smarter than other dogs, but what is the relationship between intelligence and their health? Is it possible that intelligent dogs are healthier and live longer? An IQ test for dogs developed by scientists aims to establish the link between intelligence and health. Such an understanding could possibly also help us humans. Because the intelligence of humans and dogs works the same, researchers claim.

An IQ test in dogs should now clarify the connection between intelligence and health. The results could also be interesting for us humans because the scientists found that the intelligence of dogs works just like our human intelligence. Intelligent people live longer, researchers claim. If doctors can determine that it is similar in dogs, dogs could be used to investigate long-term health problems such as dementia, the experts from Edinburgh University and the London School of Economics wrote in a press release to theirs Study results.

Study on almost 70 dogs brings new insights
If a dog does well in one test, is it better than the average in other tests? The researchers attempted to answer this question in their study. The results make it clear that the question can be answered with a "yes", says Dr. Rosalind Arden from the “London School of Economics”, who carried out the study together with researchers from “Edinburgh University”. The discovery could have far-reaching ramifications for understanding human health and dog health, doctors add. The new IQ test for dogs has effects that are not immediately apparent at first glance. In the study, the scientists examined the intelligence of 68 border collies by requiring dogs to perform a number of cognitive tasks.

Dogs are good subjects because they are basically abstinent
Smart people live longer, at least researchers say. However, it is very difficult to prove this statement or to support it with facts, because many factors have a great impact on our health. Smoking, drinking, eating and exercise affect our health. Observations on dogs can offer interesting facts because they are basically abstinent, says Dr. Arden. Tests on dogs are very reliable because dogs do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and do not test drugs in their youth - all influences modify the results in human reports. Dogs also have another important characteristic: they are able to develop dementia naturally. This condition causes their behavior and the structure of the brain to change, explains Dr. Such dogs then change their social habits. For example, they may no longer want to be petted, become more introverted and often want to be alone. These disorders also occur in human dementia, say the doctors.

Understand the link between health and intelligence
The intelligence of dogs is measurable, just like humans, that the researchers could clearly determine. Now, however, further research needs to find out how this intelligence affects health, the doctors emphasize. The exam was just a first step, but we want to develop a dog IQ test that is fast and reliable, says Dr. Mark Adams from the “University of Edinburgh”. Such a test could quickly improve our understanding of the link between dog intelligence and health, and this in turn could affect the lifespan of the animals. Dogs are excellent for this type of work because the researchers write that they like to participate and enjoy being allowed to participate. (as)

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