Aging process: people live much longer today

Aging process: people live much longer today

The average age of pensioners continues to rise
Medical care has continuously improved in recent decades. More and more pensioners are also paying attention to their diet and playing sports. As a result, life expectancy continues to increase. Nowadays, many people reach old age. Scientists from the British Health Authority "Public Health England" conclude that older people live even longer than ever before.

Our health system is getting better and better, and many previously incurable diseases can now be treated thanks to newly developed, effective medicines. It is therefore not surprising that the average life expectancy is rising steadily. Public Health England scientists found that people in England are getting older today than ever before. The researchers published a report that looked at the increasing age of pensioners.

65 year old men in England live an average of 19 years and women even 21 years
Many people today pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. For example, people smoke less and pay more attention to eating more healthy food. Most people are also aware of the importance of sport and exercise. In addition to the improvements in the health system, these circumstances could be one reason why we are getting older. Of course there are exceptions. Experts warn that some older people are in poor health. Nevertheless, the average life expectancy is increasing. The Public Health England report notes that pensioners are getting older than ever. The new numbers show that men aged 65 live an average of 19 more years these days. Women live even longer. The scientists found that they had an average of 21 more years to live after reaching the age of 65. However, the results vary from region to region. For example, in England people from the north-east and north-west have a lower life expectancy than people from other regions, say the English researchers.

In general, life expectancy among older age groups in England rose to its highest level since 2014. Compared to 2013, the life expectancy of 65-year-old men increased by 0.3 years. At the age of 75 years, 85 years and 95 years, the value increased by 0.2 years, the scientists explain. The same increase was also seen in women. The new numbers are very encouraging because in 2011 and 2012 life expectancy in some older age groups had decreased. Nevertheless, there was also an area in England where the life expectancy of older people has not improved. In the northeast of the country, people grew older in 2013 than the following year, the experts say.

Life expectancy generally increases, but varies from country to country
The report shows us that we are getting older. A good quality of life in later years is therefore very important, emphasizes Prof. John Newton from "Public Health England". The results make it clear that even in the middle of our lives it is not too late to improve health. Many people could start living healthier today. For example, we could give up smoking, exercise more, exercise more generally, and eat healthier, the expert added. All of these factors mean that life expectancy increases and that we stay healthy longer in old age, the doctors say. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear why life expectancy is lower in some regions. It is imperative, however, to find out why the rise in life expectancy in many parts of England has stalled in recent years, doctors warn. There are also indications in the report that the health of many older people has deteriorated in some parts of the country. The values ​​seem to differ from region to region and also differ from country to country. For example, the latest statistics from Scotland have shown that the life expectancy of 65-year-old men there rose by 17.4 years and women live an average of another 19.7 years, the researchers add. But there are also big differences across the country. (as)

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