As big as a little baby: German doctors remove a giant four-kilo tumor from a woman

As big as a little baby: German doctors remove a giant four-kilo tumor from a woman

Long time no notice: four-kilo tumor removed from the abdomen
In recent years, amazing success has been reported in the surgical removal of huge tumors. Now doctors in Saxony have managed to remove a four kilogram tumor from the belly of a woman. The patient hadn't noticed any of this for a long time.

Patient thought about problems with the appendix
Doctors at the Helios Klinik Leisnig (central Saxony) removed a four kilogram uterine tumor from the stomach of a woman. As the hospital said in a press release, the patient was more concerned with appendix problems than when she came to the clinic with abdominal pain. However, the physicians immediately determined the actual cause of the pain when performing direct tomography: an ulcer the size of a baby in the eighth month of pregnancy. "We operated immediately," said senior physician Dr. Tamene Abraham, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. According to the information, the procedure lasted about two hours, was without complications and was successful.

Tumor grown over years
"This is a very unusual case. Something like this happens extremely rarely, ”explained Dr. Tamene Abraham. The ulcer was more than 30 centimeters long and over 15 centimeters wide and deep. Dr. Tamene Abraham assumes that the tumor has grown over years and has not been noticed by the woman. “Such a tumor grows slowly and pushes the organs aside like a pregnancy. Despite the size, the patient had hardly any complaints over a longer period of time, ”said the doctor.

Woman could be released without complaints
The woman in her mid-forties According to Abraham, he was very lucky. “The tumor was benign, so it's not cancer. This could have changed, however, because benign ulcers can become malignant over the years, ”explained the gynecologist. According to the clinic, the patient is feeling better again. She was discharged with good wound healing and no symptoms.

Removal of giant tumors
The removal of gigantic tumors has been reported repeatedly for years. For example, doctors had removed an eight-kilogram tumor from the cheek of a man in Madagascar last year. And in June 2013, a 17-kilo tumor of a patient's ovaries was removed in the women's clinic at the Lübbecke-Rahden hospital (North Rhine-Westphalia). The largest tumor that was surgically removed to date weighed 90 kilograms. This was removed in early 2012 by an international team of doctors in a 13-hour operation on a man from Vietnam. (ad)

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