Carcinogenic: birth control pill combined with grapefruit is dangerous to health

Carcinogenic: birth control pill combined with grapefruit is dangerous to health

Birth control pill and grapefruit: a dangerous combination!
Grapefruit is one of the healthiest fruits ever. Nevertheless, some people should hold back on the fruit with the bittersweet taste. Grapefruit can be dangerous in combination with the birth control pill.

Delicious bittersweet fruit
Grapefruit is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They are low in calories and true vitamin C bombs. Studies have shown that the juice from the bittersweet fruit can help lower blood sugar levels and thus prevent diabetes. In addition, the bitter substances in grapefruit stimulate digestion, especially fat burning. The fruit is therefore used by some weight loss people as a natural slimming product. But the fruit is not entirely harmless. Especially women who take the birth control pill should be careful.

It is better not to take tablets with fruit juice
It has been known for a long time that some tablets should not be taken with milk or fruit juice, as this could result in the loss of the active ingredient or side effects. If you have to swallow pills with some liquid, it is best to use water. A fruit juice that is particularly often warned about when taking medication is grapefruit. This is due to the ingredient naringenin, which is also found in other citrus fruits. In some countries, warnings about the combination with grapefruits are even given on the patient information leaflets.

Ingredient can inhibit medication
The bitter substance naringin, which is responsible for the typical taste of grapefruit, changes to naringenin after splitting in the stomach. This flavonoid can affect the effects of medication because it has an inhibitory effect on the degrading enzymes. The effect of the drugs is thereby increased. Heart, cancer and asthma drugs, as well as erectile drugs and antidepressants are affected. This reaction can be triggered by just a glass (200 milliliters).

Be careful when combining pill and grapefruit
However, the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill is not reduced by the substance because the degrading enzyme is inhibited. As a result, the level of the active ingredient estradiol (active ingredient of the contraceptive pill) in the blood is increased. There may be an increase in side effects such as breast tenderness. According to health experts, an increased estradiol concentration also increases the likelihood of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. And pills with estradiol increase the risk of thrombosis, although more modern preparations carry a comparatively higher risk. (ad)

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