Over 500 flu cases and three deaths in Berlin

Over 500 flu cases and three deaths in Berlin

Flu wave: Already over 500 cases and three deaths in Berlin
The flu wave in 2016 started months ago: The influenza virus is spreading more and more in Germany. The flu season will be stronger this year in the capital. Above all, the number of admissions to clinics in Berlin has increased.

First flu cases in October
The current wave of flu started last autumn. The first flu cases were reported in Berlin and Brandenburg in October. It is particularly striking this season that the majority of healthy adults are infected with severe flu, as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recently reported. Nationwide, more than 4,600 illnesses have been reported so far. The citizens of the capital are more affected by the flu this winter than a year ago.

Over 500 infections and three deaths
As can be seen from the current "Epidemiological Weekly Report" of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso), the number of reported cases is more than a quarter higher than in the 2014/2015 season. According to the information, over 510 infections and three deaths have been reported since October 2015. It is gratifying that so far there are no major contagion chains, such as in schools. However, twice as many patients have had to go to the hospital as in the previous season. According to the report, there were most cases in the districts of Pankow, Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Tempelhof-Schöneberg. It is said that children up to the age of nine and adults between 30 and 59 have been particularly affected.

Difference between flu and simple cold
However, the reported data only reflect part of the actual events. Patients are often not at all sure whether a flu or flu infection is responsible for their symptoms. Not all of them go to the doctor, and people with cold symptoms are not always tested for influenza there either. In contrast to the common cold, influenza is a week-long and contagious disease. It manifests itself among other things through high fever, joint and limb pain, chills, headache and cough. According to health experts, deaths from the flu virus are not uncommon. (ad)

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