New studies: Obese people misjudge distances

New studies: Obese people misjudge distances

Wrong perception: overweight people overestimate distances
Most people who are too fat know that exercise can help them shed extra pounds. But the regular training sessions seem so difficult. One problem could be the wrong perception: Scientists found that obese people overestimate distances.

More exercise for overweight people
Health experts generally advise people who are overweight or obese not only to switch to a healthier diet, but also to exercise regularly. But for some fat people it often seems difficult to get up for sports or to hold out long enough. One explanation for this could be that they often have a wrong perception of distances. This was the result of a new investigation in the United States.

Wrong perception of distance
A study by German scientists was recently published that showed that stress influences our spatial perception. Stressed people can only perceive complex landscape scenarios to a limited extent. People who are very overweight also have problems with exercise. They tend to exaggerate when it comes to distances. This is the result of a team of researchers led by psychologist Jessica Witt from Colorado State University. The scientists recently published their study in the journal "Acta Psychologica".

Perceive physical challenges differently
According to the researchers, obesity affects the brain in such a way that it perceives physical challenges such as sports differently than it does in people with ideal masses. According to the internet portal "", a total of 66 subjects were asked to assess the distance of various objects during the investigation. Half of the subjects weighed around 146 kg, the other weighed around 57 kg. The scientists found that the heavy subjects perceived the objects on average twice as far as the light-weight participants.

Exercise alone is not enough to lose weight
According to Witt, this could explain why the fight against the kilos is so hard, especially for overweight people. Fat people simply overestimate what they do. Exercise is not enough to get rid of hip gold anyway. According to health experts, exercise alone doesn't help against obesity. Nutrition is more important. Above all, the type and amount of calories we eat is to blame for the fact that many are gaining weight. People are usually advised not only to eat less, but above all to reduce their fat and sugar consumption. (ad)

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