Healthy eating in the evening: just prepare dressings

Healthy eating in the evening: just prepare dressings

Easy to store: prepare dressings for a healthy dinner
Because of the hectic work routine, we often do not have the time to prepare a balanced meal. It is helpful to plan ahead. For example, you can mix a delicious salad dressing beforehand and, if necessary, keep it in the fridge for several days.

Hardly any time to eat or cook
Due to the hectic daily work routine, many people find little time to eat and therefore resort to snacks, a simple sandwich or ready-made meal. But actually homemade food tastes best. At least for dinner, something fresh should be on the table in most households. But those who come home with a big appetite after a long day often take too long to cook. With a little preparatory work, everything can be done quickly.

Prepare the dressing and keep it in the fridge
For example, a dressing can be prepared well and kept in the refrigerator, explained Silke Schwartau, food expert at the Hamburg Consumer Center in a message from the dpa news agency. In the evening you can quickly pour it over lettuce leaves and cut vegetables. It also works well with potato or pasta salad: both can be easily prepared with some vegetables and a clear dressing, i.e. without mayonnaise. Experts advise against most salad dressings from retailers. Finished yogurt dressings make a salad a heavy meal.

Freeze the soup in portions
A prepared dressing with oil and vinegar or lemon juice as a basis can be kept in the fridge for several days. If it is kept in a jar with a screw cap, you should shake it well before use so that the ingredients mix again. Food expert Schwartau has another tip for the evening: a prepared soup that can be frozen in portions and then easily thawed. It is also not that bad if everything is not used up. Mostly you can freeze thawed food again. (ad)

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