Heartburn: Medicinal water with hydrogen carbonate for throat burning

Heartburn: Medicinal water with hydrogen carbonate for throat burning

About every second German suffers from heartburn every now and then. The acid regurgitation can be triggered by various factors such as high-fat diet or stress. As long as there is no serious illness behind the symptoms, simple home remedies can often help. According to a new study, medicinal water that is rich in hydrogen carbonate also helps here.

Heartburn is common
Millions of Germans suffer from heartburn, which is often caused by the so-called reflux disease (also called reflux). The trigger is then too much stomach acid. If the sphincter at the upper entrance to the stomach is relatively weak, the stomach acid can flow back into the esophagus and cause the uncomfortable burning sensation there. The feeling can be felt from the upper abdomen to the neck. In addition, swallowing, burning in the throat, bad taste in the mouth, nausea and nausea can occur. For example, many people get heartburn after a sumptuous, high-fat meal. The problem can also be caused by a gastric dysfunction or inflammation of the esophagus.

Different ways to relieve the discomfort
If a serious illness can be ruled out, various treatment options and home remedies for acid regurgitation are available depending on the cause. Since stress, smoking and obesity or obesity are known to cause the symptoms, you should stay away from cigarettes and take measures to reduce weight. It is better to avoid eating shortly before going to bed. Relaxation exercises such as yoga or autogenic training are ideal for reducing stress. Other home remedies for heartburn are methods of stimulating digestion, for example with the help of Swedish bitters or the extensive chewing of food ("fletching"). And apparently hydrogen carbonate-rich healing water also helps against heartburn, as a new study has now shown.

Hydrogen carbonate-rich water very effective
As the recently published study by the research institute analyze & realize shows, the symptoms can be treated simply and naturally with medicinal water rich in hydrogen carbonate. According to a press release from the Heilwasser information office, the researchers confirmed older studies that showed that hydrogen carbonate-rich water is very effective in heartburn and neutralizes acids as well as commercially available acid-binding drugs (antacids). Accordingly, medicinal waters offer a natural, safely applicable alternative for heartburn. In addition, the additional liquid creates a thinning effect that further reduces the burning sensation. Last but not least, medicinal waters also provide minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Up to two liters every day
According to the press release, medicinal water from around 1,300 mg bicarbonate / liter can help alleviate heartburn. Ideally, 1.5 to two liters of this medicinal water should be drunk daily. It could replace other drinks. It is best to drink the healing water before and during meals or in the case of acute acid problems. The label shows how much hydrogen carbonate a medicinal water contains. On the website “www.heilwasser.com” all medicinal water rich in hydrogen carbonate is listed in the medicinal water directory. They are available in well-stocked food and beverage markets. (ad)

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