Mothers over the age of 40 with a greatly increased risk of stroke

Mothers over the age of 40 with a greatly increased risk of stroke

Many health risks in older pregnant women
Late pregnancy can be problematic. If women have a child late, there is a risk of negative health consequences. In a current study, researchers from the “Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Institute” found that the risk of a stroke is significantly increased in expectant mothers over the age of 40.

Nowadays, many women put their desire to have children behind until they have a career. Sometimes women just search longer for their "dream prince". The result is that more and more women are only getting pregnant late and therefore often have reached the age of over 40 years during their pregnancy. Such women are at increased risk of having a stroke later in life, researchers from the Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Institute found in their current study. The scientists presented the results of the study at the "American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference" in Los Angeles, reports the British daily "The Independent".

The number of mothers over 40 has doubled in the past 15 years
A late pregnancy can have serious consequences for the expectant mother. If women have a child until they are forty years old or later, they are twice as likely to have a stroke, The Independent quotes the doctors' statement. It was previously known that older women experience problems during pregnancy and childbirth more often. Pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of miscarriage in older mothers. In addition, diseases such as diabetes and preeclampsia can endanger the health of both mother and child, the researchers warn. The new study examined more than 70,000 women. It was found that the health consequences of motherhood in older women still occur decades later. The number of pregnant women over 40 has doubled in the past 15 years, the experts say. According to official data for England and Wales, the number has even quintupled since the 1970s. The researchers compared the risk of stroke, heart attack, and cardiovascular disease with death in women who had had a child before the age of 40 and in older mothers.

Older mothers are at increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular events
The researchers said the likelihood of having a stroke from a blood clot was significantly higher in older mothers than in younger mothers. The experts have increased the risk from 2.4 percent to 3.8 percent. The risk of a hemorrhagic stroke caused by bleeding in the brain doubled from 0.5 percent in younger mothers to 1 percent in older mothers. Overall, women who became pregnant late in life have an increased risk of death from cardiovascular death, experts say. The probability was 3.9 percent in older mothers, compared to 2.3 percent probability in women who had become pregnant earlier in their lives, "The Independent" quotes the doctors. Older mothers also showed a slightly increased chance of having a heart attack. The value rose from 2.5 percent to three percent, the researchers explain.

Older mothers should be specially treated and examined by doctors
We already knew that older women were more likely to develop health problems during pregnancy. Now that we know that the consequences of this late pregnancy affect our health many years later, Professor Adnan Qureshi from the Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Institute is quoted by the British daily The Independent. Women with a late pregnancy should be aware of their increased risk. You should take steps to improve your cardiovascular health, the doctor adds. And doctors should watch these women with increased risk factors through more frequent exams and more tests. Earlier interventions may have to be initiated to prevent stroke or other cardiovascular events, said Professor Adnan Qureshi. (As)

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