Natural cosmetics tested: Always free from hormonally active substances

Natural cosmetics tested: Always free from hormonally active substances

Natural cosmetics performed very well in the test
Natural cosmetics have been growing in popularity for years. This also has to do with the fact that an increasing number of consumers do not want hormonal chemicals in cosmetics. In a test, the natural products performed very well.

Natural cosmetics are trendy
More and more consumers want to do without the hormones in numerous cosmetics. The market for natural cosmetics is booming. For many, only eco is no longer sufficient, the products should also do what conventional cosmetics can do, for example to combat pimples. The Austrian environmental protection organization Global 2000 has now tested various products in a "natural cosmetics check" and came to a fairly positive judgment.

All products free from hormonally active substances
After a test of the certified natural cosmetics, the environmentalists awarded the grade "very good". All 317 articles checked were free of hormonally active ingredients and other synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes. According to the information, the investigated products were “bought” in the natural cosmetics departments of conventional drugstores, in health food stores and personal care chains with a green flair. There is a more detailed report on the numerous cosmetic products here.

Big brands as free riders
In a message from the APA news agency, the organization's environmental chemist, Helmut Burtscher, said: "Where there was understandable natural cosmetics, there was actually natural cosmetics in it." In health food stores, however, the testers also found conventional products that "contain the list of ingredients such as." a chemical lexicon reads and often even includes banned substances ”. Global 2000 would like a uniform natural cosmetics label and criticized the fact that well-known brands such as Lush, Bodyshop, Rauch and Yves Rocher advertise as a kind of free-rider close to nature, even though their products contain problematic substances. (ad)

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