Fetus in the fetus: An infant carries a baby in the stomach at birth

Fetus in the fetus: An infant carries a baby in the stomach at birth

Baby born with a very big belly: doctors find two fetuses in it
A baby with a very big belly was born in a hospital in Hong Kong. The doctors initially suspected a tumor. Upon closer inspection, they found that the child had two fetuses in his stomach: the remains of his siblings.

Extremely rare medical phenomenon
A girl with a very big belly was born in a clinic in Hong Kong, China. The doctors noticed the malformation in the womb. They suspected that the cause was a tumor in the abdomen. However, when they examined the girl more closely after birth and had the abdomen x-rayed, they found out the truth: the baby was "pregnant" even with twins. It had two fetuses in its stomach, the remains of its siblings. This medical phenomenon, called "foetus in foeto", is extremely rare. Experts are still puzzling over the possible causes.

Girl born with twins in her stomach
The English "Mirror" reports on a small medical sensation that occurred in Hong Kong, China. There, a girl with twins in her stomach was born in the "Queen Elizabeth Hospital". At only three weeks of age, the infant had to undergo surgery to remove the fetuses. With the twins, according to the information, arms, legs, spine, chest and internal organs had already developed. In addition, they were already wrapped in skin and had an umbilical cord. They weighed only 14.2 and 9.3 grams. "It's one of those rare incidents where the world stands still," said Dr. Nicholas Chao, who operated on the girl, told CNN.

With one in 500,000 births
The doctors assume that "it must have been small parasitic fetuses that grew very slowly". Doctors usually notice very early when there are several fetuses in one uterus, but only one develops and displaces the others. This was not the case here. The little girl was discharged from the clinic eight days after the successful operation. This medical phenomenon, called "foetus in foeto", occurs according to Dr. Chao statistically recorded one in 500,000 births worldwide. So far, there are only 200 documented cases.

Doctors didn't notice anything at first
The gynecology expert Dr. According to Yu Kai-man of the Chinese University in Hong Kong, it is the first such case in the metropolis. “We didn't notice it during the preliminary medical examination. Because the embryos in the baby were so small, they could hardly be spotted, ”Yu said according to“ n24.de ”. "Since the little girl couldn't possibly have received this 'pregnancy' herself, we have to assume that the fertilization in this case was simply faulty and ended up in the wrong place."

Doctors are not sure about the causes
The case was reported in the Hong Kong Medical Journal. Across the world, medical professionals are not sure how errors of this kind can occur in development. In the case of the Hong Kong girl, the doctors suspect that it could possibly have to do with multiple abortions of the mother. A case in Europe also became known years ago. In 2008, a six-centimeter long fetus was removed from the stomach of a nine-year-old girl in Greece. According to reports, this was partially differentiated, with long hair, spine and eyes. (ad)

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