More Saturday office hours from psychotherapists

More Saturday office hours from psychotherapists

BSG complains of non-compliance with previous accounting rules
Psychotherapy is not always easy to reconcile with a full job, especially if employers and colleagues should not be aware of the treatment. According to a ruling by the Federal Social Court (BSG) in Kassel on February 17, 2016, remedies could soon come in the form of increased Saturday office hours (file number: B 6 KA 47/14 R). After that, the exclusion of the majority of psychotherapists from a Saturday surcharge is against the equality.

Most psychotherapists have psychological training, but some have a medical degree. According to the previous accounting rules, the "medical psychotherapists" can charge a surcharge for Saturday office hours, but the "psychological psychotherapists" cannot.

This is justified by the fact that medical psychotherapists also offer acute consultation hours. The psychological colleagues, on the other hand, work in pure ordering practice.

But that was not reflected in the billing figure for the Saturday surcharges, the BSG now complained. Rather, the medical psychotherapists are also entitled to the order treatment on Saturdays.

After the Kassel judgment, the current regulation therefore violates the principle of equality in the Basic Law. The so-called evaluation committee, which lays down the accounting rules for contract doctors in statutory health insurance, should therefore remedy this "non-compliance violation".

The BSG was right for a psychological psychotherapist from Hesse. Although he had settled the Saturday surcharge, he was not paid because of the previous regulations. The Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hessen should now wait until the equality violation has been corrected and then make a new decision about the fee calculation.

The lawsuit was supported as a model case by the German Psychotherapist Association (DPtV). After the success before the BSG, the association now called for “a fundamental rethink” in the evaluation committee and the statutory health insurance associations. "It is unacceptable that the evaluation committee continues to discriminate against psychological psychotherapists and child and adolescent psychotherapists," said DPtV chairwoman Barbara Lubisch in Berlin.
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