Microsoft founder Bill Gates says cancer can be cured in 30 years

Microsoft founder Bill Gates says cancer can be cured in 30 years

Bill Gates: Cancer largely curable in 30 years
Together with his wife Belinda, Microsoft founder Bill Gates invests billions in the development of new healing methods and health care. The richest man in the world said in an interview that cancer would soon no longer be a problem.

Research has made great leaps
While some health experts believe that eradicating cancer may be impossible, research has been working flat out for decades to find new drugs and therapies that improve the chances of recovery. New findings are constantly being reported. Researchers from Switzerland recently found out that electromagnetic waves prevent brain tumors from growing. With some types of cancer, medical prognosis has significantly improved the prognosis. Many experts are convinced that the positive development will continue. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, also believes in it.

Great progress expected
The American entrepreneur told the online magazine "" that he was convinced that medical research would continue to make great strides in the coming years. Cancer will soon no longer be a problem. "We have seen many miracles in medicine, and I think we all expect and expect more," said the billionaire in an interview. "I am convinced that cancer will be largely curable in the next 30 years." The development of new drugs is a "miracle" for him, because nobody had foreseen them and their effects were very profound.

Knowledge about cancer has increased
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 14 million people worldwide contract cancer each year, and around eight million die as a result. The experts expect cancer to increase to 20 million new cases every year by 2025. However, knowledge about cancer has increased and treatment methods such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone treatments have improved. Early detection is playing an increasingly important role in many types of cancer.

Development of new healing methods
Bill Gates, who has been involved in the non-profit sector for years, writes in his 2016 report that the development of new healing methods will proceed faster. Recapitulating how many drugs have been developed since 1990 is a success story. "We discovered important vaccines against polio, and the number of children under the age of five who die has been cut in half." The "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation", a hunger and disease foundation that Gates heads with his wife Melinda , has an eye on the health of children in need in developing countries. It supports combating and researching diseases such as malaria, polio and AIDS. The entrepreneur has already invested over $ 28 billion in charities. (ad)

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