The majority of refugees are healthier than expected

The majority of refugees are healthier than expected

If many people are housed in a relatively small space, this increases the risk that they will infect each other with infectious diseases. Many people seeking help live in refugee accommodation in Lower Saxony, but their health situation is better than expected.

Refugees are at risk - not dangerous
Although the experts at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) have long stated that there is no health risk from refugees, this did not prevent many right-wing regulars from claiming the opposite. But asylum seekers are more of a vulnerable group than one that poses a danger to others. Over half of them reach Germany traumatized. Now there are other reports that show that the health situation of refugees is not that bad despite the tightness in the accommodations. As the Lower Saxony State Health Office (NLGA) announced at the request of the German Press Agency, fewer reportable infectious diseases have broken out in the country's refugee shelters than expected.

Weakened by the flight
The NLGA writes on its website: “In Lower Saxony and other federal states, the number of people seeking refuge has increased significantly this year. Prevention of infectious diseases is particularly important against the background of staying in densely populated shared accommodation. ”The risk of infection is not only great because many people live together in a confined space, but also because numerous men, women and children are weakened and fled are particularly vulnerable.

No major flu outbreaks
Asylum seekers are therefore examined upon admission and their vaccination status is checked. The official spokeswoman Dagmar Ziehm said that despite all the precautions, there have been several chickenpox outbreaks in the past few weeks. The affected accommodation is blocked in such cases: Then no one should be admitted or relocated. According to the information, 56 chickenpox cases have been reported since the beginning of the year. However, major outbreaks of influenza have so far not become known. (ad)

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