Pink: giant condom in Sydney warns of health

Pink: giant condom in Sydney warns of health

Protection against diseases: Pink giant condom urges safe sex
An obelisk in a public park in Sydney, Australia is currently adorned with a giant pink condom. The giant condom is designed to remind you to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Gigantic pink condom put on
A gigantic, pink condom decorates an obelisk in Sydney for the gay and lesbian parade next week. The pink condom made of fabric is 18 meters long and was pulled over the Hyde Park obelisk, as the Australian broadcaster ABC reported. It is intended to remind the celebrators to practice safe sex to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. According to the information, the organization ACON, (AIDS Council of New South Wales "(" "), which works for AIDS prevention, among other things, the 22-meter-high sandstone monument on Friday night covered with the giant condom.

Gay and lesbian parade in Sydney
The campaign was held in Sydney for the first time for World AIDS Day 2014. The next Sunday, March 5, the "Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade" will feature lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and Intersexuals (LGBTI) move through the Australian metropolis. In parallel, numerous events will take place at a festival. The parade took place for the first time in 1978, at a time when homosexual acts were still punishable there.

Protection against sexually transmitted diseases
The importance of protection against sexually transmitted diseases becomes clear when you realize that several of them are incurable and can be fatal. In this country, health experts have warned in the past few months of an illness that has almost been forgotten: According to this, syphilis is spreading rapidly in Germany. It is also dangerous here that the infectious disease usually does not cause any symptoms at the beginning and is therefore diagnosed very late in many cases. In addition, there are more HIV infections due to reckless sex, health experts warned. Gigantic pink condoms or other striking statements that stimulate better protection cannot be enough. (ad)

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