Current figures: More people in mental health due to rehab

Current figures: More people in mental health due to rehab

In Germany there are more and more mental illnesses due to work stress and pressure to perform. This also means that the pension fund has to provide more and more services for these patients.

Stress and performance expectations increase
Stress and high performance expectations are increasing more and more these days. This has an impact on all of us: Scientists recently reported that roughly every fourth person suffers from a mental disorder at some point in their lives. This also means that there are now significantly more absences due to mental illness. In addition, those affected get more and more rehabilitation benefits from the pension fund. The German Pension Insurance (DRV) approved 155,000 hospitalizations for rehabilitation last year due to mental illness. This is shown by current figures that were available to the German press agency in Berlin.

Conference in Aachen
According to the information, there were only 89,350 corresponding permits ten years earlier. In the outpatient area, 9,150 services had been approved, in 2005 there were 1,890. Rehabilitation services are the subject of the specialist conference "Changing health systems - prospects for rehabilitation", from which over 1,500 scientists, doctors, psychologists and therapists are expected in Aachen from Monday to Wednesday. It is said that the statutory pension insurance under this name carries out treatments with the aim of significantly improving or restoring the employability of patients.

Mental disorders are better recognized today
The increase is mainly attributed to the fact that pension disorders are better recognized today. "However, there is no evidence of a real increase in the frequency of mental illnesses, even according to recent studies," said their experts. However, not all experts see it this way: When a new record was reached a few years ago and around 11 million workers had to undergo rehab, experts warned that mental illnesses could become “number one common illness” in the future.

Depression and anxiety disorders in women main cause
According to the dpa-Medlung, 54 percent of the insured persons with rehab due to mental illness were women and 46 percent men. According to this, the most frequent rehabilitation services for men in 2014 were due to an addiction illness. As it is said, the share of addiction rehab in all medical clinic rehabilitation services was 7.2 percent. In contrast, it was only 2.1 percent among women - depression and anxiety disorders were the main cause. As the responsible director at the German Pension Insurance Federation, Gundula Roßbach said, according to the latest data, around 84 percent of those affected were able to work again within two years after rehab. (ad)

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