Many pensioners now have to pay more money for their health insurance

Many pensioners now have to pay more money for their health insurance

As of today, many pensioners are paying more contributions to their health insurance
For many pensioners, their contribution to the health insurance increases with the change of the month. The latest increases in additional contributions will only apply to them from March 1st. For some insured persons, it may be worth changing the fund.

Increasing the additional contribution applies to retirees with a delay
As of today, many pensioners in Germany have to pay higher contributions to their health insurance. For them, the changes to the additional contribution are only valid after a transition period of two months. As of January, around two thirds of all statutory health insurance funds increased the additional contributions; for retirees, March 1 is now the key date. You have to pay the full additional contribution as well as half of the fixed contribution rate of 14.6 percent, the other half is paid by the pension fund.

A change is worthwhile for some insured persons
For example, people who receive a monthly pension of EUR 1,000 and are insured with a health insurance fund that has increased the additional contribution by one percent will be due a total of EUR 83. Of this, 73 euros are incurred for the fixed contribution rate and ten euros for the additional contribution. Since not all insurers have increased premiums evenly or not at all, the question arises: is it worth changing? On the website "" you can find out about the respective contributions of the various health insurance companies.

Criticism of current insurance model
The statutory cash contribution is currently 14.6 percent of gross monthly income, of which employer / pension fund and employee / pensioner each pay half. However, the insured must bear the additional additional needs of the health insurance funds alone because the employers' share is frozen. The health insurance companies charge an additional contribution, the amount of which they can determine themselves. There has been criticism of the current insurance model since it was introduced, sometimes also from health insurance companies. Even the DAK boss had classified the additional contribution as nonsensical. This leads to senseless price competition and a creeping "withdrawal of employers from financial responsibility". (ad)

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