Do not keep your medicine chest in the bathroom

Do not keep your medicine chest in the bathroom

Medicines should be stored cool and dry
Almost everyone has a small medicine cabinet at home so that they can quickly help themselves with headaches, nausea or minor injuries. This is often kept in the bathroom. But experts strongly advise against this, because moisture and heat can severely impair the effectiveness of medication.

Medicines do not tolerate a warm, humid climate
Whether aspirin, nasal drops or cough syrup: there is a medicine chest in almost every apartment to be well equipped for emergencies. The boxes and tubes are often in a small closet in the bathroom, but that's not a good idea from an expert's point of view. Because drugs are extremely sensitive and their effects can be significantly influenced by certain factors such as light, temperature and moisture. Medicines should normally be kept cool and dry, so according to the magazine "Apotheken Umschau" (February 15, 2016 B), the bathroom and kitchen are not suitable places, reports the news agency "dpa".

Do not throw away the package insert after the first use
Instead, the local pharmacy is said to be better stored in the bedroom or hallway. In order to keep track of which medications can be used and for how long, it is advisable to label them with the date after opening. Because eye drops or nasal sprays, for example, should only be used for a short time after the first application. Package inserts also belong in the medicine chest, experts always advise. This is the only way to check in case of doubt how the product should be dosed and used and what possible side effects can occur. (No)

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