Parents should never choose clothes for teenagers alone

Parents should never choose clothes for teenagers alone

Better buy clothes with the adolescents
Choosing parents for clothing for their growing children can quickly lead to resentment. Because at the latest around the age of eleven or twelve, many children develop their own fashion taste. Larger purchases, such as the new winter jacket or shoes, should therefore be better bought together. In an interview with the news agency "dpa", an expert gives tips on what should be considered.

Children should get a feel for the cost
"Look what I brought you for a great jacket" - with a sentence like this, mothers and fathers can quickly scare away their children from a certain age. Because what the parents like rarely triggers enthusiasm among young people. Since many children and adolescents develop their own fashion taste from the age of eleven or twelve at the latest, parents should no longer simply choose and bring clothing from then on, recommends Ulric Ritzer-Sachs from the online counseling service of the Federal Conference on Educational Counseling.

"If mothers or fathers see a plain T-shirt somewhere and there is a need right now, they can take it with them," continues the expert. But reluctance makes more sense, especially for larger purchases such as jackets, pants, shoes and sweaters. Otherwise, the young people could not develop a sense of what the things cost. Ritzer-Sachs advises that adolescents should take responsibility for their clothing as they get older. Therefore, it is better if parents go shopping with their children.

Set a fixed budget before purchasing
In order to avoid conflicts in the selection, it is advisable if the parents "are not annoyed by any fashionable bells and whistles", continues the expert. With expensive branded clothing, on the other hand, it usually depends on the budget. If the child wants something expensive, it is best not to be strictly prohibited. Instead, it could be a compromise if the parents paid as much as planned and the rest were taken over by the youngsters themselves. "It is always helpful to set a budget before you buy," explains Ritzer-Sachs. This is also advisable if the son or daughter goes shopping alone for the first time. "You can try this out, for example by giving a certain amount for a pair of pants."

Too much care can have negative consequences
But it is not only important when it comes to "clothing" that parents "let go" from a certain age and support the child on his way to independence. Because too much care can have a negative impact, as it will become increasingly difficult for the offspring to complete tasks themselves later on. Parents should not take everything off their children, but support the child in its independence. So it should be for a 14 year old teenager e.g. it goes without saying that you take care of your own personal hygiene and pay attention to clean clothing. Likewise, children of this age should be able to handle their school affairs such as Organize homework yourself, according to the head of online counseling at the Federal Conference on Educational Counseling, Maria Große Perdekamp. But "of course you should start communicating this beforehand," recommends the expert (nr)

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