Deposit system or environmental tax: Greens fight against coffee capsules

Deposit system or environmental tax: Greens fight against coffee capsules

“Ecological wrong way”: Greens want to reduce the consumption of aluminum coffee capsules
Coffee is brewed with small aluminum capsules not only in large offices, but also in more and more private households. This type of preparation can sometimes be associated with a slight health risk, but above all it creates huge piles of rubbish. The Greens now want to declare war on the capsule manufacturers.

Very bad environmental balance
The Greens in the Bundestag want to declare war on manufacturers of aluminum coffee capsules. The party's environmental spokesman, Peter Meiwald, told Spiegel: "The trend towards coffee capsules is ecologically wrong because it means an enormous waste of resources and energy. Convenience cannot go at the expense of the general public. ”According to the information, almost three billion coffee capsules were used in Germany in 2014, which corresponds to a rubbish dump of around 5,000 tons of aluminum and plastic. According to Meiwald, legislators should be asked if the companies do not voluntarily submit concepts for waste prevention. "A deposit system or an environmental tax on the capsules could help, for example."

Germs in capsule coffee machines
In addition to the environmental aspect, many opponents also criticize the costs, which, even for cheap coffee capsules, are higher than conventional powder. In addition, there is a small health risk that can threaten during preparation. According to an investigation, a large part of the Nespresso coffee machines are contaminated with bacteria. A few months ago, scientists at the Universidad de Valencia had discovered almost 70 different germs in the containers for used capsules and drip trays in the study. The pathogens found could be particularly dangerous for people whose immune systems are already weakened and for young children. You are at risk of urinary tract and gastrointestinal infections, which can be accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. There are clearly enough reasons for the capsules. (ad)

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