Healthy living: cycling promotes health and increases well-being

Healthy living: cycling promotes health and increases well-being

Cycling is good for your health and your psyche
Cycling is one of the healthiest sports, according to experts. It not only ensures physical fitness, but also improves mental wellbeing. This was shown by a study from Great Britain.

One of the healthiest sports ever
According to doctors, cycling is one of the healthiest sports. It can be used in any intensity, it is gentle on the joints and is also suitable for overweight people. Cardiologists often recommend it as heart training. Uphill and fast cycling in particular have proven to be particularly positive for health in scientific studies. But cycling not only keeps you fit, it also improves mental wellbeing, as British researchers have found.

Positive effects for the psyche
According to a report by the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau" (3/2016 A), a study in the specialist magazine "Preventive Medicine" with 800 employees in Great Britain showed that the subjects who regularly cycled to work for a year lost an average of one day less were on sick leave as members of a control group. They also felt mentally better than those who walked to work. The German Society for Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine (DGAUM) also reported on the positive effects on the psyche in the past. According to this, even regular cycling to work can prevent depression. (ad)

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