What do fitness trackers really bring?

What do fitness trackers really bring?

Competition with others: fitness trackers obviously bring motivation
Nowadays, many people use technical or electronic aids such as fitness trackers for sports. Especially joggers can often be seen running with the trendy devices on their wrists. But what do the fitness bands actually bring?

Many fitness trackers do poorly
Manufacturers of fitness wristbands usually promise their customers support for optimal training. The small devices record distances, times, calorie consumption and rest periods, among other things. However, it has only recently been shown that many fitness trackers usually do poorly in the test. According to some experts, such devices are not particularly useful. Because smartphones make fitness bands superfluous, because a lot of data can be saved anyway via the various applications.

No general benefit proven
Nevertheless, the devices are trendy. Among other things, the users measure distance and duration and thus enable a comparison with others. As Urs-Vito Albrecht, deputy director of the Institute for Medical Informatics at the Technical University of Braunschweig said in a message from the dpa news agency, no general use of the devices has been proven so far. “However, this does not automatically mean that the fitness trackers have no individual benefit. Trackers and the associated apps can motivate individuals, for example by competing with others. ”

Do not train against "the machine"
Sports beginners achieve the fastest progress and it is also easy to track. "However, beginners also run the risk of overwhelming themselves quickly." According to the experts, they should therefore not train against "the machine" but listen to the body's warning signals. For the experienced, the following applies: "Hobby athletes who would like to observe their performance over the course of time without expecting a high level of measurement accuracy will certainly enjoy the devices available," says Albrecht. "The accuracy will not be sufficient for competitive athletes." According to the dpa, a survey by the industry association Bitkom among 1,236 German citizens aged 14 and over showed that almost a third (31 percent) of people in Germany currently use fitness trackers. (ad)

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