Better not to go from one hundred to zero: better prepare for retirement

Better not to go from one hundred to zero: better prepare for retirement

Anticipation is often great among employees who can expect to retire soon. However, not everyone copes equally well when employment suddenly drops from one hundred to zero. For many, it would be better to "sneak out" of the job and prepare well for retirement.

Avoid everyday emptiness in retirement
When retiring, many pensioners initially fall into a kind of hole. The lack of professional tasks often leads to emptiness in everyday life, which can be accompanied by considerable psychological problems. Ideally, prospective retirees should look for hobbies before retirement to avoid the emptiness of everyday life in retirement. For example, experts recommend that seniors should try a lot of sports to find out what they like. In addition, you shouldn't work through to the last day to prepare for retirement. This is indicated by the magazine “Senioren Ratgeber” on its website.

Switching from one hundred to zero is difficult
The age researcher and author Professor Eckart Hammer recommends there: "Don't work through to the last day." The change from one hundred to zero makes the change particularly difficult. Therefore, you should reduce working hours early. Partial retirement is a good way to prepare for retirement. "You should also be aware that colleagues are not friends," says Hammer. People who retire often fall into an emotional hole because they have a full job and this is suddenly missing when they retire.

Find meaningful employment
You can counteract the problem with good preparation and sensible employment. For example, with an honorary position or community service, as the magazine advises. "It can make sense, especially for men, to find a job where they have meaning for others," says Hammer. According to experts, women often find it easier. "Women stand on multiple legs early on," says Hammer. They not only live for their job, but often look after the household, the children and maintain their social contacts. (ad)

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