Relatives of dementia patients need more support

Relatives of dementia patients need more support

Around 1.5 million people in Germany suffer from dementia, most of whom have Alzheimer's. In many cases, those affected are looked after by relatives. This leads to enormous financial and health burdens. Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml wants more support for the caring relatives.

Care is a huge burden
Many people with dementia are looked after by family members at home. For the helpers, this not only leads to financial losses, but sometimes also to health problems. Nursing is a major psychological burden and often leads to depression. But even if the effects are less dramatic, the helpers rely on help. According to a press release, a long-term study funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Health with EUR 560,000 showed that relatives of people with dementia need more support.

Carers need more support
These are the first results of a long-term study of those affected and their families in several Bavarian cities. The so-called "Bavarian Dementia Survey" is intended, among other things, to obtain information about the course and effects of dementia and about care in the home. The project runs until the end of 2017. Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) explained: “One result is that relatives who care for a family member with dementia at home must be given even greater support than before in this important and demanding task.

Dementia is often recognized late
"We were also confirmed that early diagnosis is crucial for improving the care situation and thus the quality of life of those affected and their relatives," said the politician. Again and again, medical doctors warn that dementia is often recognized too late and treatment options are minimized. Ms. Huml said: “My goal is to support people with dementia and their relatives through targeted measures and thus improve their quality of life sustainably. The results confirm our Bavarian dementia strategy, but also indicate where we need to readjust and what dementia patients and their relatives still need. ”According to the information, approximately 220,000 people with dementia currently live in Bavaria - and the trend is rising. (ad)

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