Despite the risk, thousands of women smoke during pregnancy

Despite the risk, thousands of women smoke during pregnancy

Despite health risks for the baby: hundreds of pregnant women in Thuringia smoke
Although it has long been known that smoking can harm the child during pregnancy, many expectant mothers do not follow the advice of health experts. Especially women in Thuringia apparently can't keep their fingers off cigarettes.

Over 20 cigarettes a day
Despite warnings from medical practitioners not to smoke during pregnancy, hundreds of expectant mothers in Thuringia grab a cigarette. This emerges from the latest data from the state office for quality assurance in 2014, as the dpa news agency reports. According to this, 1,174 pregnant women stated that they smoked up to ten times a day. This corresponds to seven percent of all pregnant women in the Free State. 212 women even smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day. And 22 respondents said they had used the glow stick 21 times or more.

Tobacco consumption by pregnant women is particularly bad in Thuringia
As it goes on to say, most expectant mothers completely refrained from tobacco consumption. According to the information, this was over 12,700 women in 2014, i.e. 76 percent of all pregnant women. There were a total of 16,669 births. Since not all women answered the question whether they smoked during pregnancy, the proportion of pregnant women smoking could be even higher. The state of Thuringia has had a significantly higher rate of pregnant women with tobacco consumption than the national average for years. An older investigation by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) found that around one in ten pregnant women smoked there.

Smoking harms the unborn child
Health experts keep warning about the risks of cigarette consumption before childbirth. Among other things, this significantly increases the risk of premature or miscarriage. In addition, smoking can harm children for years, as scientific studies have shown. Australian scientists who have observed serious effects on the unborn child from tobacco use advise mothers who smoked during pregnancy and doctors to give particular attention after birth to certain risk factors for adolescents such as high blood pressure or low density lipoprotein (LDL), the so-called " bad cholesterol ”. (ad)

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