Allergy or infection? Always have itchy eyes checked by a doctor

Allergy or infection? Always have itchy eyes checked by a doctor

Itchy eyes: is there an allergy or infection behind it?
If the eyes are itchy and red, many people assume that pollen is responsible for the symptoms. But even with allergy sufferers, itching can be caused by an unpleasant infection. Affected people should therefore contact a doctor.

Conjunctivitis from pollen
Red and itchy eyes are particularly common with the start of the pollen season. If pollen is actually the trigger for the symptoms, it is a so-called allergic conjunctivitis - an allergic conjunctivitis. This was pointed out by the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany (BVA) in a message from the dpa news agency. The experts write on their website "": "Allergies are often accompanied by conjunctivitis."

Have complaints clarified by the ophthalmologist
However, there may be other causes behind red and itchy eyes, such as an infection with bacteria or an injury to the surface of the eye. If conjunctivitis does not subside within 48 hours, those affected should have it checked by an ophthalmologist - even if pollen is suspected to be the cause. "Since conjunctivitis can be contagious and, depending on the cause and the finding, different treatment is necessary, you should definitely consult an ophthalmologist if you have any symptoms," said the doctors.

What can help against itchy eyes
What can you do if your eyes itch and burn? According to the ophthalmologists, conjunctivitis from bacteria can be treated very well by therapy with antibiotic eye drops. Natural home remedies that can provide relief are cotton pads soaked in rose water that are placed on the eyes or an eye bath with cool, clear water. It is generally recommended to protect the eyes as much as possible and to avoid irritating factors. (ad)

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