Drink less alcohol: Drink a non-alcoholic drink first

Drink less alcohol: Drink a non-alcoholic drink first

First a non-alcoholic: Tips and tricks to reduce alcohol consumption
For many people, a social evening with friends or a visit to a pub without alcoholic beverages is hard to imagine. After-work beer is also often a habit. High alcohol consumption is detrimental to health. A few tricks can help you drink less.

Many Germans drink a lot
According to a survey, almost every second man drinks his after-work beer. Even socializing with friends, going to a pub or eating in a restaurant usually involves drinking a few glasses of beer or wine. “Overall, at least ten percent of the population drink enough alcohol to endanger their health. Alcohol problems are one of the most widespread health problems, ”the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) writes on its website. Around 1.3 million Germans are dependent on alcohol, and alcohol abuse is found in around 2.5 million Germans.

High alcohol consumption is harmful to health
Drinking too much permanently can damage all organs of the body, warn the BZgA experts. Alcoholism increases the risk of numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, fatty liver, nerve damage or various types of cancer such as colon cancer. The BZgA has some tips and tricks to help slow down alcohol consumption.

First an alcohol-free drink
One way to drink less alcohol, for example, is to always drink something non-alcoholic in the pub or at dinner. On the BZgA website for the alcohol prevention campaign “Alcohol? Know your limit "the experts write:" Never quench your thirst with alcohol. Mineral water or fruit juice spritzers are much better suited for this. ”An alcohol-free drink should always be inserted in between. It is also best to always order the smallest size of a drink. Instead of plunging the drink down, you should rather only take small sips and always put the glass down in between.

At least two days a week without alcohol
Like other health experts, the BZgA advises taking at least two non-alcoholic days a week. The recommended daily maximum amounts should also not be exceeded. For women, they are twelve grams of alcohol. According to the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS), this corresponds to 0.3 liters of beer or a good 0.1 liters of wine. For men, 24 grams of alcohol are the limit. According to DHS, this corresponds to 0.6 liters of beer or a good 0.3 liters of wine. (ad)

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