If a baby chews on the fist, the time has come for complementary foods

If a baby chews on the fist, the time has come for complementary foods

As soon as the baby begins to chew on its little fist, parents can introduce the so-called "complementary food". Children usually start between the fifth and seventh month of life. As the magazine “Junge Familie” (issue 2/2016) reports, carrots or parsnips are particularly suitable for beginners due to their slightly sweet taste.

Other children reach for food on the plate
Between the fifth and seventh month, babies are usually ready to gradually get porridge as an alternative to milk meals. Parents can recognize the right time for the introduction of so-called "complementary foods" when the child begins to chew on his fist. According to the news agency "dpa", the magazine "Junge Familie" reports in its February issue. It is therefore also possible for the baby to reach for the parents' food at the table or imitate the food by putting objects to the mouth.

Start with porridge at the latest from the seventh month
The "Healthy Living" network also recommends that parents start supplementary food at the beginning of the seventh month at the latest so that the child is adequately supplied with energy and nutrients. However, the changeover should be slow because the child needs some time to get used to the new form of food and to adapt the digestion. It is therefore advisable to first introduce individual vegetables.

Carrot or parsnip are particularly suitable, since both taste slightly sweet and are often eaten by many children. For the lunch porridge, the vegetables are later often supplemented with potatoes and meat or fish. Here, however, parents can like to vary and e.g. Use small amounts of pasta or rice instead of just potatoes for the baby porridge, says Prof. Hildegard Przyrembel from the network "Healthy into life". (No)

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