Exercise and long walks to combat spring tiredness

Exercise and long walks to combat spring tiredness

Sport, daylight and the like: this really helps against spring fatigue
When the cold winter is over, many people feel that they need to sleep. In almost every second person, the body reacts to the longer days with fatigue and lows in performance. But what can you do about spring tiredness? Some expert tips can help here.

Unpleasant side effect of spring
Since the change to daylight saving time on weekends, the beginning of spring has become more and more in focus. In March and April the days become significantly longer and sometimes summer temperatures can also set in. However, many people react to the changeover with exhaustion and low performance. Spring fatigue is one of the unpleasant side effects of spring. But what helps against spring fatigue? Some tips can help those affected.

Every second German suffers from spring tiredness
According to estimates, over half of the German population suffer from spring fatigue. They hardly ever get out of bed in the morning and are chronically tired during the day. In addition, most of those affected have a pronounced need for sleep. Last but not least, there can also be health problems such as headache, fatigue, sensitivity to the weather, dizziness, irritability or poor circulation. Although it is not clear exactly what causes spring fatigue, experts say that the weather change and the longer days play an important role. According to a report by the dpa news agency, one reason for spring fatigue is that the melatonin level - the so-called sleep hormone - is particularly high after winter.

Exercise, fresh air and daylight
People struggling with spring tiredness should exercise every other day. As the specialist magazine "Naturarzt" (edition 4/2016) advises, it is best to take a three-quarter hour walk in the fresh air or go on a bike tour. Daylight is also important: Ideally, you spend half an hour outdoors every morning, even in bad weather. It can also help to keep your daily rhythm on the weekend. Alternating showers in the morning and rubbing with a brush lead to circulation activation. Health experts also advise a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also recommended to drink a lot, preferably water. (ad)

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