Holidays: where to go for sick bronchi? Wet and hot countries are not recommended

Holidays: where to go for sick bronchi? Wet and hot countries are not recommended

Those who suffer from respiratory diseases usually have to think carefully about where they want to spend their vacation. The climate and pollution of the air with irritants have a significant influence on the disease process. If you also want to improve your state of health sustainably, you can supplement your vacation with special spa offers. They usually have a positive effect on the bronchi for many months afterwards.

Vacation by the sea - low in pollen and salty
A fresh breeze often blows at the sea. Since it mostly comes directly from the sea, it brings clean, salty air with no pollen. For people suffering from asthma with or without an allergic cause, these are the best prerequisites. In the Mediterranean, accommodation for allergy sufferers by the sea is better than one in the country, since pollen in this region remains in the air until November. On the other hand, asthmatics should not go to the North Sea too late in the year. If the air is too cold, it irritates sensitive mucous membranes excessively. People with COPD should avoid year round exposure to the irritating climate of the North Sea. It can aggravate complaints.

Holidays in the mountains improve your condition
Just like at the seaside, COPD patients also have to be careful in the mountains. Because the available oxygen decreases with altitude, and this can trigger massive breathing problems. But in the mountains the air is also low in pollen and free of allergic irritants, which is particularly good for asthmatics. The lower level of atmospheric oxygen in the alpine regions also helps them, because the body is in constant endurance training. "The height has a positive effect on the formation of red blood cells, oxygen transport, blood pressure and pulse behavior and thus improves oxygen saturation in the blood," explains Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram Hölzl, scientific director of the Gastein healing tunnel. This works well against shortness of breath, for example, provided there are no serious organic causes. Where there are mountains, there are often former mine tunnels that are used today for health as part of a cure. Almost all people with respiratory problems benefit from the almost dust and pollen-free atmosphere. "So-called radon heat therapies in tunnels have a special value," the expert recommends. Here the noble gas radon naturally emerges from the rock and is absorbed through the skin and lungs. "The therapy stimulates the body's own cell repair mechanisms, reduces the activity of inflammatory cells and pain relievers, and tense muscles relax," explains Dr. Hölzl.

Avoid hot countries and large cities
No matter whether allergic or non-allergic asthma, whether COPD or infectious lung diseases - vacation in hot and humid countries bronchia can hardly tolerate. Large cities should also avoid people with respiratory diseases. The pollutants present in the air, such as fine dust particles, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxides, can penetrate the sensitive areas of the respiratory system and, for example, reduce the oxygen transport capacity of the red blood cells. (pm)

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