Cancer diagnosis: Testicular cancer can only be cured with health insurance

Cancer diagnosis: Testicular cancer can only be cured with health insurance

Cancer diagnosis and no health insurance: ex-pirate is looking for help online
Although there is actually a statutory insurance requirement, tens of thousands of people in Germany live without health insurance. Claudius Holler is one of them. The former politician of the Pirate Party is therefore looking for help on the Internet. The solidarity is impressive.

"Cancer is an asshole"
"Cancer is an asshole, and this asshole knocked on my door today": This is how an almost 17-minute video starts that the former top candidate of the Hamburg Pirate Party, Claudius Holler, uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. "And because assholes usually don't come alone, I need your help," continued the 38-year-old. The day before, Holler had been diagnosed with testicular cancer by his doctor. After a night of thought, the ex-pirate uploaded his cry for help under the title: "Cancer is an asshole - will you help me?" There is another problem in addition to his serious illness: According to his own information, Holler is currently without health insurance. The cost of treatment is extremely expensive.

Rise of testicular cancer in Germany
There has been a steady rise in testicular cancer in Europe and the United States in recent years. "There is an increasing frequency of new cases worldwide - also in Germany," write experts from the professional association of German urologists and the German Society for Urology on the "Urologist Portal". Testicular cancer is often noticeable to the affected patient due to painless hardening and / or swelling of the testicle concerned. Testicular pain can occur, but it doesn't have to be related to a malignant disease. Some people also report blood in their sperm, a decrease in sexual desire, or an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum (hydrocele).

Mainly affected young men
There are around 4,000 new cases of testicular cancer in this country, with the disease mainly affecting younger men. Testicular carcinomas are generally rather rare cancers, but they are the most common malignant tumors in men in the 20- to 40-year-old age group. Claudius Holler was also diagnosed at this particularly vulnerable age. The 38-year-old asks for financial support in his video. According to his own information, he is currently not covered by health insurance. This had to do with the fact that he had to dismiss himself after - as he says - almost without fault of the company built up with his brother. Although he will receive chemotherapy, he will have to pay back the therapy costs, including the debts to his health insurance company, which have now reached over 9,000 euros. Numerous users have already followed his call, it is said on social media. The video has been clicked over 47,000 times and is currently being distributed via Twitter, among other things.

Help online impressive
"Many people told me about their own experiences with cancer," said Holler, according to the "Hamburger Abendblatt". "I was also encouraged by a great many men who had only one testicle after an operation themselves." In addition, many people would have written to him who, like him, as self-employed who had difficulties, had no health insurance. By Thursday afternoon, a five-figure amount had already been collected with which he could pay his debts to the health insurance company. The help he got thanks to the video shows that there is not only hate and mob on the Internet, as it sometimes seems. A recent example showed that such calls can be life-saving on the net. For example, a London student who developed cancer of the blood found her life-saver among 25 million people who wanted to donate after starting a campaign on the Internet. (ad)

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