Preventing heart attacks: Testosterone therapy can protect men from strokes and heart attacks

Preventing heart attacks: Testosterone therapy can protect men from strokes and heart attacks

Study tests the effects of testosterone on cardiovascular events
Testosterone therapy can help prevent risks of serious cardiovascular events. Medical researchers found that this therapy could be a way to prevent strokes and heart attacks in older men with coronary artery disease. Treatment with testosterone could thus save many lives worldwide every year.

When older men take testosterone therapy, their risk of cardiovascular events decreases. Scientists from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that testosterone can protect people from strokes and heart attacks. The doctors presented the results of their study at the American College of Cardiology’s 65th Annual Scientific Session.

Testosterone supplements protect against serious cardiovascular diseases
When patients received testosterone on their follow-up treatment, they were much better off than patients who had not taken testosterone therapy. In such patients, the likelihood of experiencing adverse adverse events was about 80 percent higher, the doctors say. For their study, the researchers examined 755 men aged 58 to 78 years. These patients all had severe coronary artery disease. The subjects were divided into different groups. The first group received testosterone injections, one group received a testosterone gel, the other group received a placebo gel. The researchers explained that different doses of testosterone were used in the groups. After one year, 64 of the patients who had not received testosterone supplements had serious adverse cardiovascular events. There were only 12 cases of such diseases in people who had taken medium doses of testosterone. When patients took high doses of testosterone, their risk seemed to decrease even further. There were only nine serious cardiovascular diseases in this group, the experts add.

Researchers examine three groups of subjects for their cardiovascular risk
Three years later, 125 subjects in the group without testosterone had experienced serious, adverse cardiovascular events. These values ​​were lower in the other two groups. In people with a medium dose, only 38 patients had similar problems, the doctors say. Only 22 subjects with a high dose of testosterone had a serious cardiovascular disease. Men with coronary artery disease could actually be protected by using testosterone, Dr. Brent Muhlestein from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute. If the subjects did not take testosterone, their likelihood of suffering a heart attack, stroke or even death from a cardiovascular event increased by about 80 percent over the next three years, the researchers explain.

Testosterone could protect older men from heart disease in the future
Although the study showed that older men with coronary artery disease could actually be protected by taking testosterone, the study is only an observational study, says Dr. Muhlestein. This does not contain enough evidence to change current treatments. A randomized clinical trial was needed to confirm or refute the results of the study, the doctor adds. The study did, however, confirm the results of an older study from 2015. During this investigation, scientists found that taking additional testosterone do not increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke if they previously had low testosterone levels and no existing heart disease. (as)

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