When hearing loss

When hearing loss

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I beg your pardon? Those who have difficulty hearing have to ask more often. This is the case for more than one in three Germans at the age of 60. From the age of 70, the number of people with age-related hearing loss doubles. According to HNOnet-NRW, an association of resident ENT doctors, those affected should therefore regularly take a hearing test from the age of 50. It is even more important, however, that hearing impaired people also wear their hearing aids, otherwise their hearing will irrevocably deteriorate.

"Bad hearing leads to a loss of hearing skills in the long run," explains Dr. Uso Walter, ENT doctor from Duisburg and CEO of HNOnet NRW, the background. "Similar to how a newborn learns to hear and understand through acoustic stimuli at the beginning of life, you also learn it again when acoustic stimuli are missing." Wearing a hearing aid stops this process because it allows acoustic stimuli again.

Those who do not wear their hearing aids out of vanity risk that their hearing will be permanently reduced. Because with advanced age, those affected can only learn to hear again to a limited extent. Ear, ear, nose and throat doctors generally recommend early hearing care today. Together with the patient, the ENT specialist decides when the right time for care is and then issues a corresponding prescription. The statutory health insurers pay a fixed amount for this, for which there are hearing aids that can technically compensate for most hearing loss without additional payment. The new hearing aids are no longer even cosmetically noticeable.

"Loss of hearing is usually a slowly progressing process," explains Dr. Walter. "Those affected therefore only feel the loss of hearing skills when it is almost too late." The human brain is able to compensate for incipient hearing loss over a long period of time. Therefore, regular check-ups from the age of 50 are very important. People who are often exposed to noise in their everyday lives, who unfortunately already suffer from ear diseases or who have family piles, should go for a preventive medical check-up before the age of 50. (pm)

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