Study: Vitamin D oral sprays can reduce the risk of heart failure

Study: Vitamin D oral sprays can reduce the risk of heart failure

Daily intake of vitamin D spray can bring health benefits
Can a mouth spray reduce the risk of heart failure? While vitamin D is known to improve our heart functions, can oral sprays with vitamin D also protect against heart disease? Researchers from the University of Leeds found that sprays with the so-called sunshine vitamin can very well have a protective effect against heart problems.

In their research, the scientists found that taking oral sprays with vitamin D can improve our heart functions. The University of Leeds medical team found in their research that one dose of oral spray with vitamin D a day could help many people with vitamin D deficiency avoid dangerous heart problems.

Vitamin D with a variety of health benefits
Basically, people should avoid any vitamin deficiency, and now there's another reason people should make sure they get enough vitamin D, the researchers say. Your study found a link between vitamin D deficiency and our heart functions. Vitamin D deficiency is mostly linked to so-called lifestyle decisions and there is a need to reach an appropriate level, the experts explain. The so-called sunshine vitamin leads to a variety of health benefits. There have been a number of vitamin D supplements in tablet form for years. However, there were no effective alternatives for people with vitamin D deficiency and discomfort when swallowing tablets, say the doctors.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to an unnecessary increase in calcium in the body
Transdermal magnesium and oral vitamin spray have been tested in patients undergoing heart failure treatment. Oral spray with vitamin D is more effective in improving heart functions than tablets or capsules that first have to go through our digestive tract, the scientists explain. This very rapid absorption is due to the absorbent tissue in the mouth. In addition, there is a rich network of veins nearby, the doctors add. The study also showed that our vitamin D levels decrease with age, and that an unnecessary increase in calcium can be bad for the heart, the authors explain. A lack of vitamin D reduces the body's ability to absorb calcium in the bones. The researchers suspect that the number of people suffering from vitamin D deficiency continues to rise every day. Research by the English National Health Service (NHS) found that around 75 percent of patients had an insufficient level of vitamin D. Some even had serious shortcomings. A daily intake of vitamin D spray can avoid many negative health consequences and diseases that are associated with a vitamin D deficiency, the doctors explain. (as)

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