Studies: Beetroot juice helps with heart failure

Studies: Beetroot juice helps with heart failure

Heart failure patients benefit from beetroot juice. This is the result of a current study.

Beetroot is rich in inorganic nitrate, which can ensure persistent vasodilation and thus an increase in performance.

A pilot study from the USA was able to show positive effects after a week with a glass of beetroot juice per day in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF). Her aerobic endurance and systolic blood pressure improved significantly.

20 hypertonic HFPEF patients in NYHA stage 2 and 3 participated in the small study. They received a one-time dose of beetroot or placebo juice in a cross-over design. Subsequently, all participants took part in a one-week juice treatment. They received 70 ml of the beetroot juice daily. This contained 6.1 mmol nitrate per daily ration.

After a week, aerobic endurance had increased by 24% with submaximal exertion. The previous single dose showed no effect on performance compared to placebo. (pm)

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