Legionella alarm in Hamburg: 600 people evacuated from refugee accommodation

Legionella alarm in Hamburg: 600 people evacuated from refugee accommodation

Water pipes contaminated with Legionella: 600 refugees evacuated
A refugee home in Hamburg had to be evacuated at the weekend after Legionella was found in the water. The bacteria can cause serious illnesses. A fire broke out during the evacuation of the 600 refugees.

Legionella and fire in refugee accommodation
On Saturday afternoon, around 600 residents had to be evacuated from a refugee accommodation in Hamburg-Bergedorf and distributed to other homes. Health-threatening legionella bacteria were found in the property's water pipes. According to media reports, a fire broke out inside the former hardware store during the relocation of the refugees for reasons previously unknown. According to the information, no one was injured, but the building was uninhabitable until further notice. The accommodation of the refugees in this hall was bad from the start. Several residents had slept in front of the accommodation in protest as the rooms were apparently not cleaned and partitions were missing.

Bacteria can cause deadly diseases
Legionella are bacteria that, when inhaled like a flu, get stuck in the mucous membranes and can get into the lungs. If an infection occurs, it can remain symptom-free or only cause mild flu-like symptoms. In an emergency, however, the bacteria can also trigger the so-called "Legionnaires' disease" (med. "Legionella pneumonia"). This is a severe form of pneumonia, which is characterized above all by rapid chest and headaches, cough, chills and high fever. In addition, drowsiness, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting can also occur. Just a few weeks ago, a man in Bremen died of Legionella bacteria due to water vapor. (ad)

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